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iLink was establish in 2006, with more than 12 year experiences providing one stop services for consulting and study management services abroad, assisting our student to enter the competent university or institution for any major of interest with — degree programs at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level.


Become a great and trusted education consulting agency with genuine commitment to serve clients better than others based on the excellent quality of services and supports, which will lead to client satisfaction.


Facilitates clients in finding the most suitable institution for their higher education, based on their interest and capability, so they will achieve a satisfying future as professionals and qualified human resources. And also provides clients with complete information about the incredible diversity of academic programs offered by many institutions in the world.


TrustHonestyCaringDedicationCommitmentHigh motivationTeamwork.

iLink education counsellors are experienced, friendly and dedicated. With a professional approach our counsellors ready to assist student, parents, government agencies and HR Specialist in corporation to make individual student study plan to get the suitable university and country of destination.

iLink has been assisting and sending many individual student, Indonesian government and state - owned Enterprise that give scholarship for their employees to be accepted to our universities partner in Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Europe, New Zealand, Malaysia and some to Canada for both undergraduate and post graduate programs.

iLink in partnership with inlingua who has more than 50 year experiences in English courses specially in pre-departure training program which include IELTS, iBT TOEFL, SAT, Statistic and Econometric, Math and other subject are ready to help student to reach the required English score. Not only for degree programs, since 2015 iLink-inlingua has been working closely with some ministries for student recruitments and for sending some groups for having short-course programs with specific topics from the clients.

iLink - Head Office

Inlingua Office Building Jl. Puri Indah Raya Kav. A3 No. 33-35 Jakarta Barat 11610. Indonesia

: (021) 58355088 Ext.106
: +62 8118006020
: (021) 58355188

iLink - Branch Office

Graha Mandiri, 2nd Floor Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 61 Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

: (021) 3983 4061
: (021) 3983 4088


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