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iLink is dedicated to provide a wide range of services to support our clients / students to enter their international education journey from recruitment, university consultation and application processing as well as monitoring services. Our one stop services have helped thousands of student to smoothly execute their study plan abroad:

International Test and English Preparation Program

English is a mandatory for students who want to study overseas as most of the program delivered in English. Students should have certain level of English ability and show a valid proof such as IELTS or TOEFL or other recognize certificate. If student did not meet the English requirement, they can not proceed to the next placement stage.

Students can take English preparation with iLink as we have preparation program for academic English. We are experienced in foreign language education for 49 years. We deliver international costumize program so student can choose suitable program. Our language centre have collaboration with Cambridge University and appointed as IELTS official test site.

Education Consulting

Get free information about study program, carreer opportunity, country and university selection based on your interest and academic report. Our counselors will assist you in detail about your education background, preferences and budget to help ascertain your possibilities in potential universities. The other important aspect is, we can connect you with people and services so you can pursue your dream  with confidence and clarity.

Visa Processing

The next step after you received full offer letter or unconditional offer letter from university is to apply for student visa. Applying visa can be difficult as there are lots of things you should prepare. There will be steps and process that you should deal with. Visa processing will be vary according to the country you want to study. We have experience staff ready to assist you and make sure you have access to all needed information.

Visa requirements can change quickly and sometime without prior notification. Our staff will guide you through the application process and explain about relevant information based on the official website. We will assist you with all supporting documents, and interview if needed. If your family members want to accompany or visit you, we also can assist them with the visa applications. If your documents needs translation we can do it as well as sending it.

Medical Check-up Assistance

One of visa requirement is, student should undertake medical check-up. Our staff will assist you with arranging medical check-up schedule with the hospital, informing fees as well as preparing medical forms and documents. Once medical result accepted by the authority, student visa will be issued.

Document Translation

Some document need translation required by the embassy. Important documents required to be translated by sworn translator. We can assist you with that process and will include it as supporting documents.


After acquiring Student Visa, you should have to apply for accommodation as soon as possible. Applying accommodations sometime can be hard due to availability, locations, rent fee, age requirement and type of accommodation. Student usually prefer on-campus accommodation such as dormitory, student residence or student village but not all university has on-campus accommodation. The advantages of on-campus accommodation is you dont have to spend transportation expenses as it is only walking distance. Other advantage is study friendly atmosphere, easy access to campus facility and a 24 hours security.

If on-campus accommodation is not available, you can take off-campus accommodation such as homestay, apartment or shared house as other option. Homestay is recommended for underage students as they will stay with local family that will assist you with adaptation. Apartment and shared house is recommended for student who prefer to have self responsibility. Our staff can assist you in finding and applying both type of accommodation

Airlines Ticket Booking

Our staff can help find airlines ticket and book it for you. We will help you to find competitive airfare if available.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Prior before your departure, we can arrange a pre-departure briefing with university representative. You will get important information, reminders such as university enrollment time, what to bring, what to do and don’t, weather conditions, local dishes and local currency . You are required to come to this briefing so you will be ready to depart overseas.

Airport Pick-up Service

If you do not have friends or relatives who can pick you up from the airport and take you to the accommodation, we can assist you with airport pickup. To get this service, you should inform us at least one week before arrival so we arrange it properly.

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