Malaysia was rated the world’s 12th most preferred study destination by international students in 2014 according to UNESCO. The higher education institutions in Malaysia have captured a substantial market share of the world’s international students in the fast growing sector of private education. There are around 1.25 million Malaysian students enrolled in tertiary education institutions in Malaysia, and the number of international students making their way here is increasing every year.

Why Study in Malaysia?

Wide choice of courses and institutions for international students

Malaysia has a wide variety of education institution which students can choose to suit their needs. Malaysia education institutions contains 57 private universities, 29 private university colleges, 8 foreign university branch campuses ans 195 private colleges.

Destination of study

According to New Straits Times, in 2016  there were 172,886 international students in higher education institutions, private and international schools and language centres. In higher education alone there are 132,710 international students.

High Quality Education

High quality education that is assured by legislation such as The Malaysian Qualifiction Agency Act 2007. These programmes can be considered for recognition by the government for the purpose of employment in the public sector. Accreditation is a status or achievement as a result of quality assessment by MQA. It is a commitment by MQA to all stakeholders in higher education i.e students, parents, employers that the programme accredited by MQA is quality-assured. English is used as the primary medium of instruction for all courses conducted at private higher educational institutions.

The top 10 cities in Asia-Pacific

In the Mercer 2016 Quality of Living Rankings, which looks at factors such as safety, health, education and public services, Kuala Lumpur was listed among the top 10 cities in Asia-Pacific, 2nd in South-east Asia, and 86 overall out of 230 cities.

Work while study

All international students with a valid student pass are allowed to work part time for a maximum of 20 hours per week during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days in specific sectors.

Cost of Living

Monthly personal expenses largely depend on personal lifestyle. However, the cost can be estimated to be between RM100 (US$32) and RM200 (US$64). This includes your socialising needs, toiletries, haircut, clothes, movie, etc. Using the estimate above, the total cost of living for a student will average at RM1,500 (US$469) per month or RM18,000 (US$5,625) per year. It is important to remember that the above estimate is only a guide in planning your budget to study in Malaysia and geographical location and personal lifestyle should be factored in when planning your personal budget.

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