With international student mobility increasing by the day, students are taking the off-beat track to explore fresh destinations that promise not just an education but a new and wholesome experience. The city-state of Singapore offers just that. Known for its diverse population and strict corporate culture, the island country sizzles in hyper activity and enjoys its reputation as the financial centre of Southeast Asia. A look at the international student mobility data reflects Singapore’s growing emergence as a student hub. According to UNESCO, nearly 50,000 students flock to Singapore annually- one of the highest among the Asian countries.

Why Study in Singapore?

High Standard of Education

The education system of Singapore adopts the western ideologies as well as methodologies to encourage the independent learning among students. While Singapore is definitely one of the leading study destinations of Asia, it has also made its mark in the international arena with a slew of high ranked universities. Its two most popular universities- National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) – rank among the top 50 universities in the World. The universities in Singapore are recognized particularly for their technology and engineering courses, as well as those in natural sciences. There is no other better place than Singapore especially if you want to pursue a business degree. It is one of the most business-friendly countries of the world. Singapore is considered to be one of the leading educational nations in Asia.

International batch mates

Singapore is a perfect blend of East and West and it contains incredible religious and cultural diversity. Here, you will get the opportunity of meeting students from all over the world. Students from more than 30 countries come to study at the top universities in Singapore. This will get you the advantage of being familiar with an inter-cultural environment as well as excellent global networking opportunities. You can learn and exchange a lot of things with each other.


Just as Singapore is located close to the hub of south- east Asia, Singapore itself is a multicultural and diverse island nation. People living, studying and working in Singapore have originated from all over the world and as a result, the country is the collection of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religions. This incredible diversity functions in harmony, as the nation is relatively free from conflict.

Clean and safe country

Singapore has been named as Garden City because the streets are lined with trees. There are so many green parks designed all around the island. The city is very clean and has very strict punishments for people who litter around.

Singapore is not only a beautiful and vibrant place to live, but also good in terms of safety. With extremely strict laws, it has very low crime rate. City streets and public transportation are completely secure for commuters. Moreover, drug abuse and ragging in college campus are strictly prohibited in Singapore.

Popular student city

Ranked among the top five student cities in Asia, Singapore is all that an international student demands on the platter. A rapidly developing economy, Singapore offers a slew of new age institutions which includes its own universities in addition to subsidiaries of international universities. That is just a part of the story. Singapore offers an eclectic mix of experiences which makes it a magnate for international students. Maybe you want to hike along the Southern Ridges or experience the never ending nightlife, Singapore provides the perfect platform for students to fulfill their academic as well as adventurous side.

Endless career opportunities

Though Singapore is very small in size, the country has a booming and extremely stable economy. Singapore gets a lot of foreign investment because it has a skilled workforce, corruption-free society, low tax rates and well-developed infrastructure. The unemployment rate of the country is very low. Students choose Singapore as their study abroad destination because it has endless career opportunities.

Cost of Living

Singapore has one of the highest living standards in the South East Asia. Daily necessities and luxuries are readily available. Below are estimations of how much is required during your stay in Singapore.

An international student in Singapore spends, on average, about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses. This amount will, of course, vary depending on your lifestyle and course of study.

The cost of education differs in accordance to the level of study. Here is the average cost of study for an international student:
Diplomas- 1 – 2 years: Around S$8000 – S$15000 
Bachelors- 2-4 years: Around S$24,000- S$40,000
Masters- 1- 1.5 years: Cost- S$ 18,000- S$30,000


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